Races, Apparel and Stream Schedule

Hello everyone! So as some of you know, we have our awesome Oracle of Seasons community putting on a community race tomorrow Saturday, November 11th at 3:00PM CST. This is going to be the official start of our community races that we have scheduled for the rest of the year as well as some part of the next year.

Additionally, we have been working directly with a new designer for our apparel. The incredible work done by @starcommando26! You can find her new design on our store, which is now on sale: Store

Finally, we have been working with individual communities to bring you a stream schedule. They wanted to put on a showcase or just race and have fun playing video games together. You can find our stream schedule here: Schedule

Any community is more than welcome to sign up for a community event they want to showcase, let us know by discussing it directly with us on our Discord server: Discord Server