ZSR Updates!

Hello everyone! We would like to talk about the updates for ZSR, now that the Marathon is over.

Firstly, we would personally like to address the ZSR Marathon. The people who worked on organizing the ZSR Marathon worked very hard and put in tons of hours to bring you the best experience that we could. We were absolutely stunned at how well things went and how much support we got from the marathon, we could not be more proud. All of the runs from the marathon can be found on our YouTube Channel!

Secondly, we would like everyone to know that we plan to make more use of the ZeldaSpeedRuns Twitch channel from here on out! We plan on hosting monthly races(bingo’s, randomizers, etc) these races will vary from month to month and hopefully it will bring in people from all over to show their support. These races will have no limit on entrants as well as it can be any game/category. We are also not limiting these community events to races, they can be anything your community is working on and we would be super stoked to help show it off! All we ask is that if you want to host a community race or anything related to your individual community then just get in contact with us so we can help you set everything up! You can get in contact with us via Twitter | Discord

Thirdly, we would like to address the changes that we had announced a few weeks prior to the ZeldaSpeedRuns Marathon, if you have yet to see the changes we are working on you can find them here! We are happy to announce that those changes are currently being worked on! We will try our best to keep everyone updated on the status of everything regarding the changes! If you would like to suggest any changes you think would benefit that are not currently listed or being worked on then feel free to suggest them here!

Lastly! During the ZSR Marathon we kind of hinted at something a little special, that being the ZeldaSpeedRuns hoodies! We would like to formally announce these. We are currently working on making these hoodies a realistic possibility in the near future! We also plan to do a few things with these hoodies so stay on the lookout for any news, or updates regarding them!

-- Bokoblins