Wii Any% RTA

There is a newer revision of the Wii Any% route - Any% BitE Route - that is faster by several minutes. However, that route is currently not RTA-viable, due to Epona Seam Clip on Ordon Day 2 not having a setup yet.

Note that all GCN&Wii tricks/glitches linked in this route are done on Gamecube and therefore are mirrored on Wii version.

Runs should start with a blank file in slots 1, 2 and 3 as all files are used during the run.

Route intended for Wii 1.0 (any region)


Faron Province

  • South Faron Portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • First Two Bugs (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs Inside Coro's House
  • Bug Outside Coro's House
  • Bugs Before Tunnel (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs on Left Wall (Ignore Tears)
  • Bugs in Tree Trunk
  • Ignore Burrowed Bugs
  • EMS (Right Wall)
  • Enter Sacred Grove
  • Save On File 1 (Will Be Used For Early Boss Fights For Early Clawshot)
  • Chase Skull Kid
  • Solve Master Sword Puzzle [LD UUU RR DDD LU]
  • Master Sword
    • Warp South Faron with Midna
  • Collect Missed Tears
  • Lantern through Mist
  • Kill Bugs Before They Burrow + Get Tears
    • Get 10R Dig Spot Behind Sign While Waiting For Tears (10R)
  • North Faron Portal
  • Kill Bugs Outside Forest Temple
  • Burn Web to Forest Temple
  • Collect Tears as Human
  • Vessel Complete
  • One Frame Backflip
    • Warp North Faron with Midna
  • Ending Blow
  • Enter Forest Temple

Forest Temple

Eldin Transition

  • Dash to Hyrule Field South
  • Mail Man Skips as Wolf
  • Enter Eldin Twilight
  • Kakariko Gorge Portal
    • Forced Warp South Faron
  • Dash to Hyrule Field
  • Lanayru Gate Clip
  • Kargarok Skip + Kargarok Flight
  • Zora's Domain Portal
    • Warp North Faron
    • Warp Bridge to Kakariko Gorge With Midna
  • Avoid Bulbin 1 Trigger (Dig Under Gate and Hug Wall)
  • Enter Kakariko
  • Get Kakariko Warp Portal

Eldin Twilight

Lakebed I - Getting Ooccoo

Lanayru Twilight

  • First Bug After Bridge
  • Lake Hylia Portal
  • Stepping Stones Bug
    • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Wall Bug and Rutela skip
  • Drop to Bug (Left Side)
  • Lilypad Bugs (Keep Them Dry on NA Wii 1.0)
  • Bug on Cliff
  • Iza's Bug
  • River to Hyrule Field North
  • Dash to Castle Town (Left Side)
  • Castle Town Portal
  • Castle Town Bug
    • Warp Lake Hylia
  • Bug Behind Fyer's House (Keep It Dry on NA Wii 1.0)
  • Howl for Kargarok
  • Kargarok Bugs
  • Bug on Dock
  • Boss Bug
  • Vessel Complete

Lakebed II - Clawshot + Morpheel

  • Warp Zora's Domain with Midna
  • UZR Portal
  • Steal Bombs With Ooccoo JR
  • Start Emptying the Lent Bomb Bag
  • Jumpslash Onto Bridge, Go Up + Right and Turn Bridge
  • To Single Cog Room
    • Far Side of Room
  • Boomerang + Bomb Stalactite
  • SK Chest
  • Backtrack to Center Room + Locked Door on 2F
  • Boomerang + Bomb Stalactite
  • Lent Bomb Bag MUST BE EMPTY
  • 5WB Chest to Left
  • Ooccoo Out
    • Warp Zora's Domain
  • Goron Bomb Bag (4WB)
    • Goron Bag Needs To Be Empty For CitS
  • Rocket Link (3WB)
  • Ooccoo Back
  • Cross Vines to Door
  • Head to Deku Toad on Wii
    • Hang, Drop + JS Onto Sloped Roof; Slide Off Roof + JS to Land On Platform To Door (Semi-Precise)
  • Early Deku Toad
  • 1 Cycle With Master Sword
  • Clawshot
  • Clawshot Out + Back to Center Room
  • Vine Clip (Use Normal Bombs)
  • Morpheel with Water Bombs
    • Max 3 Bomb
  • Exit Lakebed

Midna's Desperate Hour

  • Wolf to Telma's Bar
  • Push Box Once + Dash Jump to Window
  • Ropes
  • Jovani's Poe
  • Sewers
  • First Web with Stick as Wolf
  • Second Web with Lantern as Human
  • Dig Into Hole
  • Bulblin Archer
  • Tower Climb
  • Early Wind Cycle
  • Zelda Cutscene

Desert Province

  • Warp Lake Hylia with Midna
  • Auru's Memo
  • Dash to Fyer
  • Show Auru's Memo
  • Cannon to Gerudo Desert
  • Dash to Bulblin Outlook Camp
  • Grab a Boar
  • Boar through Barricades
  • Enter Bulblin Camp
  • Activate Map Glitch
  • Map Glitch to KB3
    • 4 Backflips
    • Sidehop + Sideroll
    • 3 Backflips
    • Pull Out Sword
    • Backwalk off Edge
    • Jumpslash for Forward Momentum
  • KB3
  • Boar to Arbiter's Grounds
  • Enter Arbiter's Grounds

Arbiter's Grounds (Poe 1 Skip)

(Note: Start Emptying the Goron Bomb Bag for CitS. You Still Need Some Bombs for SPR)

Arbiter's Grounds (No Poe 1 Skip)

(Note: Start Emptying the Goron Bomb Bag for CitS. You Still Need Some Bombs for SPR)

Routes Merge Here

Ball and Chain

  • Mirror Chamber Portal
    • Warp Zora's Domain (Zoom In to Enable Portals)
  • Enter Snowpeak
  • Map Glitch
  • Climb Snowpeak
  • Howling Stone at Top [UMD MD UMD]
  • Snowboarding (100R)
  • Enter Snowpeak Ruins
  • Yeta
  • Yeto
  • Block Puzzle Room
  • Dig to Courtyard
  • Spinner Bomb Boost to Cross Courtyard
  • Freezard Clip
  • Darkhammer
  • Ball and Chain
  • 100R from Bubble (200R)
  • Savewarp
  • 100R from Bubble (300R)
  • Exit Snowpeak Ruins

City in the Sky

Palace of Twilight

Hyrule Castle

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