Faron Province

2 Lantern swings for Purple Mist area

With good rolls and movement it is possible to make it past the Purple Mist area with just two lantern swings.
Rolling closely around the broken bridge is key to make it and not void right at the edge of the fog.

Bomb Boost to Lost Woods

It is possible to use a bomb boost to get out of bounds in the same area where N. Faron warp is. Once up you can use LJAs to get from where you bomb boost up to a place where you can LJA to the Lost Woods entrance. This is used in All Dungeons and 100% to get to Temple of Time quicker

To do this stand on the highest point of the root shown in the video and line up your hearts as shown in the video (1st Heart in line with the other tree's right side is useful). Now throw a bomb forward and the instantly aim the boomerang as high as possible without looking right or left, throw the boomerang and LJA instantly to get up on the slope, you want to mash B to stay here until the bomb pushes you higher onto solid ground. It might be better to wait a second before the LJA so the bomb won't take as long to explode once your up there.

From here you want to roll around the root of the tree and stand in the corner in the video, now just aim roughly over the other side a low point and LJA across. Roll forward 4 times and then roll left anf slightly up, there is a slope here so make sure you get up it in the first roll (If you are unsure you can C-Up to see where the limits of land are and the slope). Now use your map and throw the boomerang towards Lost Woods and LJA as it is coming back to you and over the void.

LJA to Lost Woods

Using the same method as above, you can LJA onto the wall and get out of bounds only using the boomerang. It is harder than the bomb boost method, but allows you to get into Lost Woods with nothing but the boomerang

Stand on the highest point of the root and align your hearts the same as the bomb boost setup, then throw your boomerang as high as possible straight up. Mash B to stay on the ledge and keep mashing until Link stops slipping off of the slope. You can hold left while mashing to keep Link's sword from recoiling against the wall and knocking you down once you're up.

From here you can follow the same path into Lost Woods as the bomb boost method above.

Lost Woods & Sacred Grove

Grove 2 Chase

It is faster to stay human for the entirety of Grove 2, apart from 100% which will turn wolf to collect the poe and turn back human before the 3rd hit in the chase.

Enter Sacred Grove 2 as human and for the 1st hit roll towards the wall instead of going towards skull kid behind the tree. You can shoot him from here.

For the 2nd hit stay human as you make your way to the his 2nd location and once again shoot him with an arrow. You can do a sidehop after shooting him to save some movement.

Finally for the 3rd hit it is faster to stay human while going to his 3rd location, apart from 100% which would turn wolf now and get the poe while going to the 3rd location. It is important to note that when exiting the area with the water and poe you need to turn back for a bit then continue going forward. This is because on the first hit the triggers don't count as following him so your way will be blocked unless you do this. Finally you can shoot him from below on the ground rather than climbing up the tree steps.

Please note no categories other than glitchless get the chest shown in the video

LJA to Grove 100R Chest

There is a 100R chest in the skull kid 1 area that normally requires the spinner to access however you can LJA over there hence requiring only the boomerang. Stand on the very edge at the black spot on the ground at the top of the vines and then target above the arch, you should line up your targets so they are slightly in the wall as you won't recoil.

Master Sword Puzzle Skip

Using a few precise LJAs, you can skip the statue puzzle normally needed to unblock the way to the Master Sword. This is useful when using Fixed EMS

Bug During Master Sword Timesaver

In 100% with fixed EMS you get the golden bug at sacred grove before master sword. There is a timesaver with clever targets to boomerang the bug through the wall without entering the walled off area. Once boomeranged the bug will come to you during the master sword CS and you can pick it up afterwards

Last updated 02/03/2018 – Taka