Ordon Province

Goat Herding (20)

In every category besides 100% you only do Goat Herding once having to herd 20 goats.
Besides being open to personal preferences and adjustments, two routes emerged over time. No matter which route you take remember to not press A at the start to prevent Link from talking to the farmer and not use A too often cause else the goats will chase you.

Safe Route (left)

A good goat herding with this route will average between 19 and 24 seconds.

Fast Route (right)

This route is a bit more likely to fail though but faster on average.
The movement in the beginning can vary, its safer to delay the first whip for a bit.

TAS goes immediately right instead, but its very risky to do that.

Cat Warp

Discovered by logitechSDAZ

It is possible to get the cat's attention from over the river opposite the watermill, this causes the cat to teleport to you. If you catch the second fish once the cat has teleported over the river the CS of the cat running is about 10s shorter as it is dynamically created based on the position of the cat. After catching the first fish (regardless where caught) the cat will follow you whenever you have your fishing rod out, all over the village. Due to the fish being so far away when fishing from the other side of the river it is recommended to fish your first fish at the end of the river. It is inconsistent to get the cat's attention to teleport to you, it seems that sometimes it happens reliable and then other times is impossible, it could be possible that something afffects if cat warp is possible when the room is loaded but exactly why is unknown. Because of this uncertaincy and inconsistent this is not recommended in a 100% run.

Last updated 08/22/2017 – Devil6Lair