Outset Island (B7)

Throw Pig to Black Soil

Instead of having to pickup the large pig, and having to carry slowly across the island to the black soil containing the heart piece, it is possible to throw the pig the entire distance. To do this, pick up the pig and place it between the wall of the pin and the guy. (It should be noted that this can only be done during the day, as the guy is not there at night.) Go over to pickup the pig again and make sure that the action on the A button is rapidly flashing "Lift". You will notice that you are not holding it directly over your head. Now get out of the pin and throw the pig towards the soil. You will notice that now you can toss the pig the entire span of the water.

Floor Skips in Savage Labyrinth

By getting damaged by the fire and then quickly using the Hookshot on the torch, you can enter the hole before the temporary damage invincibility wears off. This trick can be performed on floors 21-29 as well as any other floors with torches. The Iron Boots can also be used in order to minimize the distance of the knockback from the fire so that it is easier to enter the hole with the Hookshot.

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