Ganon's Tower

Trials Skip

The second room in Ganon's Tower consists of four doors each leading to a different trial, at the end of which you need to refight the boss of that area. You are supposed to refight all four bosses to break down the stone wall blocking the loading zone to the next area. It is however possible to skip these trials and go right to the loading zone by clipping out of bounds. There are three different ways to do it. The original method uses a bomb ledge clip. It was more recently discovered that it is possible to use a roll clip two different ways to do the exact same thing. All three of these are possible on both The Wind Waker and The Wind Waker HD.

Bomb Ledge Clip

Discovered by Paraxade & KlydeStorm

This was the first method of skipping the trials that was found, although it used a frozen bokoblin instead of a bomb which is way more difficult. To do this ledge clip you need to make your way over to the door frame as shown in the video.

  1. Sidewalk, backwalk, or roll towards the ledge to grab it. If you roll, let go of the control stick before you reach the edge otherwise you'll jump.
  2. Move as close to the wall as possible, then climb up.
  3. Hold L for the entirety of this trick form here forward until you are experienced with it.
  4. Pull a bomb, then drop it with B.
  5. Backflip and pull the Deku Leaf when you are roughly at the same level as the ledge the bomb is on.
  6. Float towards the ledge while facing a slight bit towards the wall you are about to clip in to, and cancel the leaf right before you hit it.
  7. Tap left on the control stick with the correct timing to be pushed out of bounds. There is a 4 frame window.
  8. Pull the Deku Leaf before you fall too far.
  9. Provided you are still holding L, hold down-left to turn towards the loading zone.
  10. Glide to the loading zone. Leaf pump as needed.

It is a common misbelief that you need to tap right on the control stick to move towards the wall. Do not do this. For a ledge clip, you will usually press towards a bomb or whichever item you are using. The item in turn then pushes you through the wall.

Trials Roll Clip

Setup Discovered by TrogWW

A roll clip to skip the trials from the lower level is possible with nothing but the Deku Leaf. To do this you need to grab the ledge so that practically all of Link's left hand is in the wall.

  1. Kill the bokoblin.
  2. Grab the ledge and move as close to the wall as possible.
  3. Climb up the ledge then hit up on the c-stick.
  4. Align the B button with the door frame as shown.
  5. All while holding L, sidehop, pull the Deku Leaf around the same time as shown, and hold up.
  6. Cancel the Deku Leaf around the same time as shown in the video. A good visual cue is the black mark on the wall. You want to cancel the leaf right when you first are next to it.
  7. Climb up and ledge and hold left.
  8. Time a roll clip, followed by hitting the Deku Leaf button almost immediately almost as if you were doing a leaf pump.
  9. Leaf pump your way to the loading zone. This takes practice.

Optionally, you can tap down on the c-stick at some point before cancelling the leaf for the ledge grab to make it easier.

Bomb Roll Clip

Discovered by Nap42

You can use a bomb to push you far enough in to the wall for you to do a roll clip. Do note that this is significantly harder than the bomb ledge clip. If you wish to use a roll clip, it is recommended that you use the alternate (bombless) roll clip method. However, in case you wish to try this, here is a video and a brief description of how to do it.

  1. Kill the bokoblin.
  2. Grab the ledge and move as close to the wall as possible
  3. Climb up and pull a bomb, then drop it with B.
  4. Backflip and pull the leaf once you are at the same level as the ledge.
  5. Grab the ledge between the wall and the bomb.
  6. Wait half a second then hit right to push against the bomb, followed by hitting up to climb the ledge almost immediately after. If done right the bomb should have pushed you a good bit in to the wall but not through it. If you accidentally clipped through the wall you hit right too early.
  7. As you climb the ledge hold left and time A for a roll clip, followed by hitting the button you have the leaf equipped to. On TWWHD you would get a jump out of the roll clip, but in TWW you drop instantly so pulling the leaf immediately is crucial.
  8. Leaf pump to the loading zone.

Light Arrows and Phantom Ganon

Once you finally skip the trials, you will be on a staircase that has miniblins spawning at the top. Climb it and go through the door to make your way towards the tower's second section. You can also sidle on the side of the door to trigger the loading zone and skip opening it which is frames faster.

Forsaken Fortress Warp Room

Once going through the loading zone, you will be in a room with two doors and another stone wall that looks like it can be broken down. It can. Through the left door is a room that allows you to spawn a warp portal to the Forsaken Fortress provided you have the boomerang. It also "spawns" the King of Red Lions which you use to go back and forth through said portal. Funnily enough, the King of Red Lions is already spawned, but waiting out of bounds for you to hit the switches. With cheats you can get to him while out of bounds and do some silly stuff. If you wish to see this you can click here.

Light Arrow and the Phantom Ganon Maze

The door to the right is the path you need to take to get the Light Arrows. It is possible to skip these and we will go over that shortly. Once going through the door a short cutscene will play showing you the lights on the wall in a specific order. This is the order you would need to hit the switches in the other room to trigger the warp. Anyway, to continue towards the Light Arrows, jump down the pit. You can pull the Deku Leaf while over the pit to trigger the loading zone faster.

Upon the next area loading you will find yourself in a maze. The maze is the same every time so it is to your benefit to remember the directions for it. They are as follows...

  1. Back
  2. Left
  3. Straight
  4. Left
  5. Right
  6. Straight

When going through the final (6th) door, you can use a bomb pull before opening the door to skip a cutscene on the other side of the door as it bars itself shut behind Link. For more on that click here.

In this room you will fight Phantom Ganon for the Light Arrows. The fight is very short and extremely easy. He has three different attacks. He can throw a white orb at you, a red orb, or he can spawn all around you with four clones. If he spawns in the air he will be using either the white or red orb. If he spawns on the ground you will know it.

  • If he spawns in the air and goes to throw a white orb at you, get as close to him as possible before he throws it. If you are close enough you will only have to hit it back once for it to stun him. Simply slash him as he falls to the ground to kill him.

  • If he spawns in the air and holds a red orb above his head, charge a spin attack by holding B. When he throws the orb it will break in to eight smaller orbs. Release your spin attack when they are all about to hit you so they all fly back to him. Hit him with your sword when he falls to the ground to kill him.

  • If he spawns all around you with his clones, simply hit the one that spawned behind you. The real one will always spawn behind you so it is best to stand still once you walk forward a little bit. Hit him again to finish him off.

Open the chest for Light Arrows. Go through the door that opens to head back to the main room for this area.

Method 1 - Forest Water Storage

Discovered by Paraxade

In the main room at the beginning of the Phantom Ganon battle, preform storage. Attempt to open the door on the left of the central door that leads to the grand staircase. The door will not open and you will have stored it. Head to the opposite side of the room and open the door. Now return to the previous room. You will notice that the door the you tried to open with storage activated is now open. Jump through it and glide to the loading zone.

Method 2 - Dry Storage

Discovered by Mugg

Head over to the room on the right that leads to the Phantom Ganon battle and wait for the cutscene to finish. Head over to the left near the drop off by by the stone. There is a little indentation which when you run towards will allow you to jump without falling into the Phantom Ganon battle. Once you have found this spot, run off it and use the deku leaf to get on top of the stone.

Set a bomb down and then pull out the wind waker and cancel it so that it is still in your hand. Now here comes the tricky part, getting a wind waker dive off of the bomb followed by dry storage. Sometimes you can simply flick the control stick towards the bomb at an angle and mash the button your wind waker is on to get the dive. Once you have gotten it, cancel the wind waker just in time to get dry storage (pause buffering may help with this).

Store the text from the stone and run back over to the door. As you press A to open the door, the text from the stone will pop back up. Quickly mash through the text box to keep the door from closing. Now run over to the door on the opposite side of the room, watch the cutscene, and return to the preceding room. Run through the open doorway and leaf pump to the loading zone.

Note: Because of the difficulty of Puppet Ganon Skip, this is most likely TAS only, or for use in a segmented run.

Grand Staircase Battle Skip

Discovered by Mugg

At the very top of the grand staircase, align with the pillar on the left as shown. Backflip and pull out the deku leaf. Just as you are about to hit the ledge, put the deku leaf away to grab it, and shuffle your way as far to the right as you can go. Now climb up the ledge and immediately jump towards the wall to clip through it. If you wait to long Link will simply fall off the ledge and you will have to start over. From here, make your way to the loading zone, being careful not to fall.

Puppet Ganon Skip

Discovered by Paraxade

In Puppet Ganon's chamber, angle yourself towards the path that leads to Ganondorf. Deminish you health to 1/4 heart and zombie hover. This is a mostly luck based hover, as the conditions have to be perfect in order to prevent from getting knocked down by the Keese. Once you are above the red wooden entrance to the Ganondorf battle, wait for a few Keese to come and attack you. Equip the deku leaf and bombs. Quickly press the button the bombs are on, followed by the deku leaf, then B. If done correctly, you will drop a bomb and get a heart drop from the Keese.

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