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Of all the items in The Wind Waker, one of the most useful is bombs. It has been made possible to get the bombs before first visiting Dragon Roost Island by zombie hovering to Greatfish Isle from Windfall, or directly after receiving the Wind Waker by performing Dry Storage and using camera lock to superswim. By obtaining the bombs after the completion of the first visit to Forsaken Fortress, this allows for a number of notable item skips which are crucial in a Low% speedrun and save a lot of time in an Any% speedrun.


With storage and camera lock, it is possible to superswim to Greatfish Island directly after receiving the Wind Waker. However, due to the nature of camera lock, it must be deactivated before entering the cutscene for Greatfish, or else the game will softlock. Camera lock will have to be deactivated by gaining enough speed from the superswim to get onto the island and pull out the Wind Waker before the cutscene starts.

Note: In a Low% TAS, it is possible to perform a superswim without storage or camera lock. Because of this, you can get the bombs directly after completing the first visit to Forsaken Fortress.

Cross-Island Hovering

Since the angle of zombie hovering is unchangeable once the hover has begun, hovering to one island, healing, and then hovering again is a lot easier, as well as less strenous, than attempting to hover directly to the desired quadrant. The best way to go about doing this is to fill your wallet and use red tings as you hover from one island to the next. The quadrant you are trying to get to is quadrant B4 (Greatfish Isle). You can either anger one of the pigs so that you may zombie hover off of it, or use Tingle Bombs to start a hover. The best island to aim at is in quadrant C3 (Tingle Island) by using the telescope, and then continue hovering southwest to Greatfish Isle (This hover can easily take over an hour). Once you hit the cutscene trigger and wait through the cutscene you will resume Link's death animation. When you resume playing, Link will have death warped back to Windfall with Tetra's Pirate Ship at the island. From here, you are free to obtain the bombs.

Hovering Directly to Greatfish Isle

Though the level of risk greatly increases, a direct hover from Windfall to Greatfish Isle is possible. To properly setup for this hover, get to the left of the bomb house, and align Link with Tingle Island using the telescope. Using a tingle bomb to begin the hover is recommended as the change in your angle after getting hit by an angry pig is less predictable. Place the tingle cursor as directly in front of you as possible and start your hover. The bomb will normally knock you so that you're facing more right of tingle island than originally positioned. However, by aligning as instructed above, you will still hit the cutscene trigger if you hover long enough.

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