Cabana Deed

Hookshot Directly to Loading Zone

Note: This method does not work in the HD version due to the lack of storage. As a result, the preferred method of skipping the Deed is the L-Slide Clip.

Discovered by Demoon9

It is possible to hookshot directly to the loading zone without having to use a precise bomb boost as in the previous method. Begin by again getting text storage and then storage off of the heart piece chest. Now run over to the house and press yourself against the left side of the door. Pull out the Hookshot and aim in the bottom left section of the door. Aiming can be a bit spastic, so aim slowly and carefully until the yellow icon appears. You should now be able to hookshot the tree which will pull you right into the loading zone.

Discovered by Jiano

Instead of having to collect a large quantity of Joy Pendants to obtain the Cabana Deed, you can simply skip it in the Triforce collecting sequence all together. Perform storage, and get chest storage off of a chest (you can use text storage off of KoRL first in order to prevent your screen from turning black. Click here for more information). Get on the left side of the door of the house, and wedge yourself partway into the wall. Place a bomb beside you, and aim your hookshot at the tree. Just before the bomb explodes, attempt to hookshot to the tree. If timed correctly, you should clip into the loading zone.

L-Slide Clip

Discovered by Abahbob, Gymnast86, craftsmanbeck, and Nap42

By using an L-Slide clip or buckets to clip into the stairs under the Cabana, you are able to get to a position where you can hookshot the mailbox from across the Cabana. Using a frame perfect bomb boost from a L-Slide clip allows you to skip the Deed.

TAS-Only Method

Discovered by Mugg

This can also be done with multiple frame perfect tricks.

Last updated 01/30/2018 – wooferzfg