Hero's Bow

Only possible on the Japanese version


Skipping the Hero's Bow is by far the most difficult item to avoid. Even if you manage to skip the bow in Tower of the Gods, you will still obtain it once you obtain the Fire and Ice arrows and Light arrows. Therefore, you must skip the bow in Tower of the Gods, and all enhancements associated with it.

Also note that if you wish to skip the bow, deku leaf skip is no longer an option. Currently there is no known methods to skip the Light arrows without using the leaf

Tower of the Gods

The only requirement the bow has in Tower of the Gods is shooting the eye switch in the room right after obtaining the bow itself. Shooting the eye reveals movable platforms, which can then be used to carry the second statue across the gap into the central room.

This can be avoided with the use of chest storage. First, obtain chest storage in the first floor or from the tingle chest. Then, after you collect the second statue and carry it to the room where the bow is normally required, use chest storage to navigate around and through the pillars to carry it across the gap.

Defeating Gohdan

Normally to defeat Gohdan you must use the bow to shoot the hands and the eyes to be able to reveal his mouth which you then throw a bomb to deal damage. However, bombs also damage the eyes and hands, and can be used exclusively for the entire fight. Throwing the bombs at the hands and eyes is easier said then done though, as their movement is random and the bomb throw timing is precise.

It should also be noted that because you never obtained the bow, Gohdan will continuously snot out arrow pickups, as he thinks you currently have 0 arrows. This makes it extremely difficult to time the bombs and deal damage. This can be avoided by obtaining an arrow upgrade from either Western Fairy Island or Thorned Fairy Island. These upgrades do not give you the bow itself but set your arrow count to 60, so Gohdan will not snot arrows constantly.

Fire and Ice arrows

Discovered by Abahbob

In order to skip the Fire and Ice arrows, you must obtain the Power Bracelets and Iron Boots without their use. It should also be noted that this is only possible on the Japanese version. If you attempt to enter Fire Mountain or Ice Ring Isle without freezing or cooling them on any other version you will void out immediately upon entry.

Ice arrows

To get into Fire Mountain without Ice arrows is fairly straight forward. Just start a hover from the edge of the island and heal with either a heart drop from the Kargaroc or with the tingle tuner. If you timed healing correctly you will fall into the hole and be able to obtain the Power Bracelets.

Fire arrows

Getting into Ice Ring Isle without Fire Arrows is one of the most challenge portions of the bow skip. To do so requires Door Cancel, so you will be completely blind for the entirety of the skip. You will also need a lot of height, so you must start a zombie hover from Southern Fairy Island or another close island. Once close to Ice Ring Isle, heal yourself with the tingle tuner and leaf to the loading zone very precisely, as it's still very easy to freeze and void out.

It should be noted that you will be completely blind for the entry of Ice Ring Isle from the effects of Door Cancel.

Light arrows

Discovered by Paraxade0

To skip light arrows you can use door storage to unload the room that leads to the portal back to Forsaken Fortress. Once unloaded you can then leaf out of bounds to the loading zone of the Grand Staircase.

Because you are required to use the Deku Leaf to skip the Light arrows, Deku leaf is not skippable if you wish to skip the bow.

Puppet Ganon

One of the consequences of skipping Light arrows is you have no way of killing Puppet Ganon. Therefore, as a conclusion to the bow skip, Puppet ganon skip must also be completed.

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