Savewarp Flags


Savewarping refers to the act of saving and quitting the game. Upon reloading the save, Link is usually placed back on the shore if he saved on the island, in the middle of the ocean if he saved in the water (far away from the island), or at the beginning of the dungeon if he saved inside it. However, savewarping works very differently during the early game, here is a list of what happens depending on what you did in the game.

Savewarp locationEvent to trigger
Pirate Ship (overworld travelling)Watching the "leaving outset" cutscene
Pirate Ship (FF1)Obtaining the Spoil's Bag
Forsaken Fortress 1Watching the barrel launching cutscene
WindfallWatching the post FF1 cutscene w/KoRL
Most recent loaded areaHaving control inside of KoRL OR Courtyard cs in Hyrule 2

Savewarp flags behave in tiers, the moment you trigger a higher tier flag, triggering a lower tier flag will not change your savewarp location.


By performing Outset Escape, you can avoid hitting every single of these flags. They can then be used at your advantage to:

  • Escape from places you are not supposed to be at yet/can't be escaped otherwise.
  • Go back to places that are not accessible otherwise.

For exemple, savewarping (or deathwarping) is the only way out of the pirate ship in the current any% route. Because it is possible to start an item slide superswim from both Outset and Windfall, savewarping can be used to escape from islands that don't have a superswim. Savewarping can be used to go back to FF1 even if you have both the sword and the bombs in your inventory.

Currently, it is not possible to keep these early game savewarps for the endgame: there is no way to avoid hitting the last flag in Hyrule 2. There is also no known way to obtain Nayru's Pearl without KoRL in the HD version, and so it is not possible to keep any of these flags for Hyrule 1 either. If a way is found, then it would be possible to savewarp escape Hyrule 1 in All Dungeons, skipping having to pick up the Master Sword.

Last updated 04/06/2018 – azer67